Welcome to the Perkins® Restaurant & Bakery Underground Breakfast Club.
Welcome to the Perkins® Underground Breakfast Club, the club just for kids, where you can have breakfast any time you want! Here's your mission: Get smart! Use this word during the meal to impress the people at your table. If somebody asks what the unusual word means, you can give the definition and say, "See? You learn something every day!"
The word is...AVID. Definition: Avid means having an eager interest in something. You could say, "I'm a avid reader!"
The word is...FESTOON. Definition: To festoon is to decorate with ribbons or streamers. You could ask for your birthday party to be "festooned with streamers and balloons."
The word is...MARVELOUS. Definition: Marvelous means really great or extraordinary. You might say, "Boy, this meal sure is marvelous!"
The word is...GARGANTUAN. Definition: Gargantuan is another word for enormous. If you're really hungry, you could say, "I have a gargantuan appetite!"
The word is...WEE. Definition: Wee means little or tiny. If you want to try somebody else's food, you might say, "May I have a wee bite?"
The word is...SPRIGHTLY. Definition: Sprightly means bouncy and excitable. Once you're done eating, you could say, "I'm feeling sprightly! Could we go to the park?"
See you next time for more UBC fun!
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