Welcome to the Perkins® Restaurant & Bakery Underground Breakfast Club.
Welcome to the Perkins® Underground Breakfast Club, the club just for kids, where you can have breakfast any time you want! Today's Mission: Here's the plan: Your mission is...to tell a joke! If you can get someone at the table to giggle, you've succeeded. If somebody guesses the answer, congratulate them and see if they have a joke to share. If nobody guesses, deliver the punch line and say, "Thank you! You've been a great audience."
Answer: RAP. Joke: What's a mummy's favorite kind of music?
Answer: LETTUCE ROMAINE CALM. Joke: What do you tell a frightened salad?
Answer: DA-DA-DATA. Joke: What was the baby robot's first word?
Answer: WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY. Joke: What's the easiest way to get a day off school?
Answer: JUST ABOUT ANYBODY-- HOUSES CAN'T JUMP. Joke: Who can jump higher than a house?
Answer: ANYWHERE HE WANTS-- WOULD YOU ASK HIM TO MOVE? Joke: Where does a tyrannosaurus sit in the movie theater?
See you next time for more UBC fun!
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